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The Final Countdown!

WHEW!   It has been far to long since I posted.  As previously discussed, the world seems to have taken the news that I am now a student as an opportunity to throw my personal life every curve ball possible.  On top, we have run smack dab into the middle of holiday season! I'm not complaining, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas! Add the fact that the two only a few weeks apart, sprinkle in a couple family birthday celebrations and BOOM two months will just fly by.
       The problem is as a student, we are in one of the more intense classes.  NMT (neuromuscular therapy) is a wonderful tool to have and isn't offered by all massage school's.  While I am thankful for the opportunity to learn this modality, it is a lot to take in.  We also have started working on writing our own Case Report.  We have known this day was coming since the very beginning and I am very excited and interested in my topic but it is another project to add to the growing to do list.  O…