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50 Reasons Being a Massage Therapist is AWESOME!

Recently our school founder and director asked the staff and graduates, "why do you LOVE being a massage therapist" I myself was having a hard time putting my passion into words at the moment but I have continued to think about it.  Upon further reflection and inspiration for other's responses I thought it would be fun to make a list of 50 reasons being a massage therapist is AWESOME! Compiled of my own personal opinion, the input of ASM staff and graduates as well as information and stats from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the American Massage Therapy Association! #1 We are helping people #2 By providing massage we help others manage their anxiety/depression #3 We have awesome co-workers....other massage therapists! #4 We can usually set our own hours #5 We are licensed health care professionals #6 We are a part of one of the fastest growing occupations (predicted to grow by 26% 2016-2026 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics ) https://www.bls.g

Staff Bio: Kris Martinez

Kris Martinez is our Student Records Administrator and works in our Graduate Clinic at Adrian School of Massage.  Kris attended Hillsdale High School and graduated with honors before attending Adrian School of Massage.  When Kris isn't working at the school she sees clients at Thrive Massage in Tecumseh MI.  She likes to incorporate Swedish and Myo massage techniques into her sessions because she feels this combination gives a relaxing but still therapeutic massage.   What led you to the Adrian School of Massage? I was guided by a friend to be a student and it was the best advice I ever got!  I loved the people and the experience so much, I was excited to join the team when a position became available. Do you have any advice for those considering a career in massage therapy? Do it! But keep in mind, you have to be flexible and adaptable to many different scenarios. In one day you may see someone who wants light pressure and a relaxing massage, someone else who wants