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My MBLEx Experience

I DID IT!!!!!       I passed my MBLEx 6 days ago.  This is what you spend a year working up to. There is lot of weighing on this exam because you can't practice the skills you have acquired from your certification program until after you've passed the MBLEx and received your license. If that isn't enough to give you a some anxiety maybe this will...the fee to take the exam is an investment that makes passing the first time around a huge priority to a student's bank account.  Last but not least, the fear of the unknown it honestly what gave me the MOST anxiety. I am a prep and plan kinda gal.  So like anything else, I started trying to find as much information on this exam process as possible so I didn't feel completely out of my element test day.  Because this is still a fairly new licensing exam, there isn't much information available for the anxious test taker to look up.      Before panic sets in I have great news, I am here to knock fear of the unknown of