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One Unit Down! Surviving Your First Big Unit Test

    That's right folks! A short 3 months later we have already covered 78 hours of Anatomy and Physiology! We have tested our way through all the systems of the body. It is a LOT of information. *Fun fact * the life span of a highlighter is one A&P unit at the Adrian School of Massage ;-) Now it is time to sit down to the dreaded unit test where you are expected to recall ALL of the information you have been cramming into your brain for the last 3 months. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN ;-)      As I have already explained I have a serious case of test anxiety and I am really my own worst enemy when it comes to this kind of stuff. SO let me share with you some tips and tricks to survive this stressful time and pass with flying colors!     First things first, DO THE WORK. As you work your way through the systems in the first place make sure you are truly learning them not just remembering enough to get through that first test. Read the chapters, don't just rely on your notes.  The no

Mom Guilt is Real for the Non-Traditional Student

    Making the decision to go back to school wasn't done on an impulse. I'm a mom and that comes first. My husband and I sat and talked, crunched the numbers, checked and double checked the schedules and decided it would be a team effort but we could make it work. Not only do I have the USUAL mom duties but I have the opportunity to be the mother to a nuerotypical child AND a child with sever autism. It's a full time job all on it's own!     I have been a stay at home mom since the birth of our second child and I am very close with my boys. They are used to me being there for everything and I have been so thankful for that opportunity. I knew mommy being gone three nights a week for class was going to be an adjustment for my youngest. As many children with autism, he is very particular with routine. What I wasn't ready for was the wrath of my oldest.     Jude is 8 years old and has always been a very emotional little old soul. He is so patient with his little brot

Massage School: Starting your hands on practice hours

 We have been released to start our 30 friends and family hours! We have been working hard in class learning our anatomy and physiology. We have practiced different techniques on our classmates and now they are letting us take these new skills out of the classroom! And who better to be our guinea pigs then those that love and trust us the most.     While I am obnoxiously excited about this opportunity, I'm a little nervous about fitting it all in. This is 30 hours of work on top of work, other duties and classroom hours. For my schedule, I am finding it works best to get as many of these hours as possible scheduled on the one day off I have during the week while my boys are in school. This way I don't have to miss another evening away from my family or fill every weekend up. Fitting these hours in is a good stepping stone to finding extra hours we are going to need when we start student clinic.     By now we have our own sheets and massage products. While we are encouraged to