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Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy....dun-dun-DUN!

     Here it is, the class we have been hearing about since day one!  "Just wait until you get to Skeletal/Muscular Anatomy!" "No, THAT isn't a muscle test, you haven't seen anything yet!" "Only a few of us passed that quiz" "start studying the muscle origins and insertions NOW!".  The senior class has knowingly or not scared the crap out of us!     So our first day rolls around and just walking in the door you could smell the fear ;-) We had previously had the pleasure of meeting our instructor Kathy Davis as a substitute for our A&P class. It was nice having a sense of who she was and her teaching style from that preview. She also has the unique experience of being a teacher and student at the school! So she knows first hand what we are all going through. With that, she started right out explaining the importance of all this information in our career.  The requirement of this knowledge is something we will need and use daily, not j