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Sports Massage: A New Playlist

        We are just getting back to class after a week off for Christmas. Spending that time with family and friends was a nice recharge for a student's batteries.  Getting back on routine can be hard after taking a week off.  That is until you take a look at your class schedule and see you are starting the sports massage unit! If you haven't been following the blog, you may not know one of the experiences that sparked my interest in massage therapy, was working with my high school's athletic trainer from 8th grade through my senior year.  I learned so much about the body and how it works in prime function.  I also learned that I am one of those people who get strangely excited his gross and gory injury.        After specific training I was assisting with game prep and working the sidelines for our high school athletes by taping injured ankles or wrists for our basketball players, running ice baths for our runners shin splints, or stretching out fully padded football playe