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Licensed Massage Therapist: What does Licensure Mean for Massage Students? For Clients?

     Massage therapy has a long, beautiful history; regarded as one of the first forms of medicine!  Despite its lineage, the massage industry has only recently seen some important changes toward statewide regulation/licensing.  Most states now require a defined minimum hours of training from a massage school resulting in certification and/or passing an exam to demonstrate competency for a state issued health care license.      The state of Michigan for example requires a minimum of 625 educational hours, successful national exam testing (MBLEx) and state license with a background check to be maintained by completing required continuing education hours.  Great news for students attending the Adrian School of Massage, the program offers 824 hours, well above the state requirement so you are well prepared for your licensing exam and to start your career with a vast skill set to offer your clients!      So what does this mean for massage students?  You can't just show up for clas

Mommy and Me: Infant Massage Class at ASM

Along with providing the community the opportunity to receive affordable body work from our students completing their requirement in our student clinic, Adrian School of Massage offers free infant massage classes led by our students after completion of this portion of their program.      Today our students worked with parents/caregivers and baby, teaching them the benefits of infant massage, answering questions, as well as providing them with information and techniques they can take home to massage their children at their convenience.   We interviewed one of our class participants, first time mom Erica McComas on what drew her to the class and what she is taking away from it: " I learned about this class from the school's Facebook page.  I hoped by coming I could help learn some relaxation techniques to calm her when she is upset and hopefully help her gut!  I liked the tummy techniques they showed us. The pediatrician had said tummy massage could help her with the bub

Staff Bio: Ashley Wallace

Ashley Wallace is one of our Student Clinic Supervisors at Adrian School of Massage!     After graduating from Madison High School, Ashley attended some classes at Owens Community College before becoming a student at the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage. In her professional practice she specializes in Swedish, Neuromucsuclar and Myofascial modalities. She also greatly enjoys working with expecting moms, lympathic drainage techniques and offers raindrop therapy!   Q: What led you to the Adrian School of Massage?  I love helping people. Christy is one of my good friends and she asked for help at the school so here I am!   Q: Do you have any advise for those considering a career in massage therapy?  Your career is what you make of it. Not everyone is going to like your style of massage but as long as a person is receiving a massage and the benefits of it he/she is good! Also remember, massage isn't just about the massage, you create a relationship with your clients.  Q: W