Mommy and Me: Infant Massage Class at ASM

Along with providing the community the opportunity to receive affordable body work from our students completing their requirement in our student clinic, Adrian School of Massage offers free infant massage classes led by our students after completion of this portion of their program. 
    Today our students worked with parents/caregivers and baby, teaching them the benefits of infant massage, answering questions, as well as providing them with information and techniques they can take home to massage their children at their convenience.  
We interviewed one of our class participants, first time mom Erica McComas on what drew her to the class and what she is taking away from it:

" I learned about this class from the school's Facebook page.  I hoped by coming I could help learn some relaxation techniques to calm her when she is upset and hopefully help her gut!  I liked the tummy techniques they showed us. The pediatrician had said tummy massage could help her with the bubbles but it was nice learning the appropriate techniques.  I also really liked the relaxation techniques and working on her feet. I'm hoping that will help soothe her at 3am when she doesn't want to sleep!"

    Research has been completed and continues to grow on the astounding benefits of 'good touch' for the general population but especially for the growing and developing child!  If you are interested in reading some of the research, we have linked some articles below:

In short, the benefits of infant massage include :
  • promoting bonding between baby and parent/caregiver
  • help to relax you and baby
  • aid in baby's digestion
  • help with baby's elimination of waste and gas
  • soothe colicky baby
  • help regulate baby's wake/sleep cycle
  • promote healthy weight gain for growing baby
  • support baby's growing immune system
  • help decrease depression symptoms in parent/caregiver
  • boost physical, emotional and social development of baby
*resources on the growing research on good touch and infant massage include the Touch Research Institute, The American Massage Therapy Association, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and the Massage Therapy Foundation

    Would you be interested in taking advantage of one of these free classes? Check the website and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on clinic openings, community outreach and free class opportunities! 


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