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So you want to become a massage therapist

   The human body is an amazing thing! A magnificent tool I have always admired. Through high school Anatomy was my favorite class. I started volunteering with our schools athletic trainer and worked in a physical therapy office as an aide after graduation. Then came marriage and babies. I had a whole new appreciation for the human body as new life grew in my belly. I have stayed home with my children since their birth. Now that they are school aged, I’ve decided it’s about time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.    I had actually found the school when I received a massage from a friend who was a student at the Adrian School of Massage months earlier. What a wonderful opportunity for a tired mom to get a little pampering and relaxation!   I had a wonderful massage, my first in years, and left feeling like a brand new person. That night I melted into my bed and fell asleep quicker than I have since welcoming my little blessings into the world. I wanted more!