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Lessons Learned on the First Day of Student Clinic

    By now you know I am a nervous Nelly and my own worst critic.  I regret to inform you that going into my first day of clinic was no different. I asked a million questions, looked and reviewed the schedule 100 times, thought through my client intake, massage routines and SOAP note procedures YET I was still so antsy I got very little sleep the night before.     Before even attempting to lay down for the night I reviewed the student clinic dress code. I wore my black athletic pants and Adrian School of massage t-shirt. Since I live in flip flops all summer I made sure I dug out a pair of socks and set out my tennis shoes. CHECK! Next I packed my bag for the day. I needed my massage products, product holster, and bolster. For clinic we use linens provided by the school so my sheets got the day off CHECK! I packed a second bag with a bottle of water, a snack, my computer (should I get some down time I could blog;-) and my notebook in case I needed a quick reminder on how to fill out m

School's out for Summer!'re a grown up

    Tis the season. The weather has slowly but surely changed to beautifully sunny skies. No better feeling (other than a massage) when your skin is soaking up the sun and just when you feel you are getting to warm... splashing in to a cool pool of water. How many years did we LIVE for the last day of school so we could spend the next couple months playing the day away with friends. My kids had their last day of school last week.  I was caught up in the excitement with them until class time rolled around and I said, "ok boys, mommy is headed to school come give me kisses" "SCHOOL mommy it's summer!" I am LOVING massage school and once I get there it's a good time but it does make it harder to get out that door in summer.     BUT we are grown ups and have responsibilities we made a commitment and there is SO much to do. By now we have reached the end of our Swedish unit! The Swedish exam, like all exams...sounds  a little scary. You are taken into a massage