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Get Comfy Cozy....Real Quick

    While many people have rubbed a loved ones feet or shoulders at some point, learning massage therapy is a process and we have a lot to learn . With that being said, guess who the guinea pigs are gonna be....your classmates! You know, the people you just met a week ago.    In most classes or even meetings and conferences,, you play ice breaker games. Massage school was no different. What is different is you don't usually spend the next class putting your hands on your almost naked classmate. As a massage therapist this will be a part of your practice, being comfortable and confident with the human body in all of its forms. Putting my hands on a new body isn't uncomfortable for me. However, letting someone I've just met put their hands on me, is a different story.     This did provide a nice opportunity though to get into the clients perspective. While many of our clients (especially in the beginning of our career) will be friends and family supporting us, we will have

Test Day Jitters

    I always made good grades all through high school and college. I work hard, do the home work, and take extra credit opportunities, but I have never been a good test taker. I get test anxiety and this first test for massage school is no exception. I have to say, massage therapists are required to know much more than I feel the general population gives them credit for.     We have had the opportunity to spend time with the class that began 5 months ahead of us and they have kindly suggested/warned how much information we will learn and be tested on in the coming months. To be honest they scared the heck out of me! How could someone so sweet and as kind as Christy be so devious during test writing ;-) I joke of course. I'm aware that giving us this information and expecting us to retain it is in our best interest for lincensure and our future careers. As we are often reminded by our loving instructor, "it is all done in SO much love"     The class before testing we had

The Surprisingly Awesome History of Massage!

You all remember all the way back to elementary school when we learned about the five W's          * Who          * What          * Where          * When          * Why     Have you also noticed that the five W's followed us all the way through middle school, high school and into college. A lot of assignments needed us to answer these important questions. Massage school is no different. The first thing we need to do is learn the history of the industry and the important people who paved the way for therapeutic massage and the industry as we know it today. SUPER EXCITING right? I know what you're thinking, I was thinking the same thing. Great, a bunch of names and dates we have to memorize and never use again. Well I'm here to tell you, it actually is REALLY cool! I was genuinely excited and intrigued by the history of massage. I wont give it all away, but I will bullet point a few fun facts. 1.    Massage begins in Ancient China around 3000BC 2.    Massage then

Back to School, Back to school...

    All students at the Adrian School of Massage are in different places in their lives. I am becoming a student again after eight years out of the classroom. I've been incredibly busy being a wife and mother since then. Others are even farther displaced from the classroom setting while others are just young whipper snappers coming straight from their high school classes. No matter your unique situation, "first day of school" jitters can effect us all. That belly bubbling combination of excitement and the fear of the unknown.     Despite being somewhat of a scatter brain, I am ironically boarder line OCD with my list making and schedule keeping. I spent the week before classes studying the class calendar and program catalog. Students were also mailed a nice welcome card from the school that also included a "What Should I do before class begins?" list. This is the kind of stuff this organized freak drools over. The basics include buying your school supplies, che