Test Day Jitters

    I always made good grades all through high school and college. I work hard, do the home work, and take extra credit opportunities, but I have never been a good test taker. I get test anxiety and this first test for massage school is no exception. I have to say, massage therapists are required to know much more than I feel the general population gives them credit for.
    We have had the opportunity to spend time with the class that began 5 months ahead of us and they have kindly suggested/warned how much information we will learn and be tested on in the coming months. To be honest they scared the heck out of me! How could someone so sweet and as kind as Christy be so devious during test writing ;-) I joke of course. I'm aware that giving us this information and expecting us to retain it is in our best interest for lincensure and our future careers. As we are often reminded by our loving instructor, "it is all done in SO much love"
    The class before testing we had a night of review. As a class we played a game complete with buzzers! We are all pretty competitive so it was a nice way to go over all the information in a super fun way. It is also amazing how much easier it is to remember stuff when you're having fun doing it. Definitely a win-win. We had covered two chapters from our book and 30 pages of slides fairly quickly.
    The next day I tried all of the various tips floating around cyber space for the best ways to test prep. I ate well, wrote out a review study sheet, diffused specific essential oils.  I got to class plenty early to go over my notes and take a few deep breaths. Here it was, our first test night. We were allowed a few more minutes to cram before tests were handed out. Once I was handed my test I was pleasantly surprised at how prepared I felt. We were definitely given all of the tools needed to be successful and despite my own anxiety I was returned an A+ graded test by the end of the night.
    My favorite difference in test taking in massage school opposed to test days in high school or college, the massage you get from classmates after! We started our Swedish massage unit that same night. What a great way to 'recover' from test taking. Swedish massage strokes include Effleurage, Petrissage, Compressions, Friction, and Tapotement. All fancy words for awesomeness! As we work our way through the Swedish unit we will be working on each other, receiving massage from professionals, giving massage to professionals for feedback and working through our 30 friends and family hours. I have a sneaking suspicion I wont have much trouble finding volunteers when I get to this point in my education.
    There is so much more than just 'rubbing' to learn. There is anatomy and physiology, pathology, ethics,clinical hygiene, body mechanics, draping, business and so much more. If you are considering starting this journey for yourself know what you are getting into. It's not all applying lotion and listening to relaxation sounds and music. You are going to learn a LOT and it's going to take work and dedication but at the Adrian School of Massage you will be given all of the resources and the best cheerleaders to help you succeed.


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