Get Comfy Cozy....Real Quick

    While many people have rubbed a loved ones feet or shoulders at some point, learning massage therapy is a process and we have a lot to learn . With that being said, guess who the guinea pigs are gonna be....your classmates! You know, the people you just met a week ago.
   In most classes or even meetings and conferences,, you play ice breaker games. Massage school was no different. What is different is you don't usually spend the next class putting your hands on your almost naked classmate. As a massage therapist this will be a part of your practice, being comfortable and confident with the human body in all of its forms. Putting my hands on a new body isn't uncomfortable for me. However, letting someone I've just met put their hands on me, is a different story.
    This did provide a nice opportunity though to get into the clients perspective. While many of our clients (especially in the beginning of our career) will be friends and family supporting us, we will have our fair share of new people on our table. They are coming for a massage for a variety of reasons but one is often for relaxation. Now how can we expect them to relax if they are spending the whole time worrying about that birthmark they are self conscious about, the parts of their body they wish were in different condition, the fact they didn't have time to shave their legs...the list goes on and on.
    Potential clients, from the moment we step foot in the classroom we have entered a judgement free zone. We have decided to take this journey because we find the human body so magnificent and beautiful! We spend so much time learning about the human anatomy and physiology we aren't seeing hairy legs or love handles. We are currently working on muscles and how to manipulate them to best serve you and your body. This is what we see laying on our table.
    All bodies are different and that is part of what is so beautiful about them. You know what we do care about? You! Your well being is our number one priority. Whether you are seeking treatment for pain/injury or just an opportunity to relax and for us to help the stress melt away.
    So massage student who is feeling a little nervous about having new people touching your unclothed body, think of your future clients. Use this as an opportunity to evaluate all of your feelings and how you can address those with your clients. Open communication is key to the client-therapist relationship helping to build trust and respect.


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