Licensed Massage Therapist: What does Licensure Mean for Massage Students? For Clients?

     Massage therapy has a long, beautiful history; regarded as one of the first forms of medicine!  Despite its lineage, the massage industry has only recently seen some important changes toward statewide regulation/licensing.  Most states now require a defined minimum hours of training from a massage school resulting in certification and/or passing an exam to demonstrate competency for a state issued health care license. 

    The state of Michigan for example requires a minimum of 625 educational hours, successful national exam testing (MBLEx) and state license with a background check to be maintained by completing required continuing education hours.  Great news for students attending the Adrian School of Massage, the program offers 824 hours, well above the state requirement so you are well prepared for your licensing exam and to start your career with a vast skill set to offer your clients!

     So what does this mean for massage students?  You can't just show up for class.
After completing your education and receiving your certificate you will celebrate all of your hard work with friends and family!  You have worked very hard and learned SO much but don't forget....there is more to do before you can start your professional practice.  You will schedule your exam and pass with flying colors as your school has prepared you for.  Your passing results will be sent to the state of MI where you will also send your application for your license.  At that point they will send you further instruction on completing your background check and THEN you will get that beautiful piece of paper allowing you to work professionally with the public.  Finally able to share the wonderful benefits of massage therapy with your community.  These extra steps may seem like a nuisance for the excited new graduate, but they are SO important to provide the basic professional and ethical standards maintaining massage therapy as the reputable profession it is today!

     As a massage client it is important to know your massage therapist IS licensed and being upheld to these standards!  These regulatory measures were put in place with you in mind.  Making sure you are in the hands of a skilled professional who can safely and effectively work with you to meet your needs.  There are unfortunately those who will advertise and charge for professional massage without taking the appropriate steps to work as a licensed professional. As stated in an article featured in Massage Today
From the first state in 1916 to the last ones in 2003 to regulate massage, they all had one thing in common, protecting the public from harm. In the hands of a competent professional, massage is one of the best natural avenues to return a body back to health however, in the hands of the unskilled practitioner it is a lethal weapon with the ability to take a life

    Because the state of MI requires massage therapist to be licensed, the state offers a verify a license search.  Licenses can be verified online at  You can check to be sure your therapist is in good standing with the state and following proper licensing standards.   


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