Back to School, Back to school...

    All students at the Adrian School of Massage are in different places in their lives. I am becoming a student again after eight years out of the classroom. I've been incredibly busy being a wife and mother since then. Others are even farther displaced from the classroom setting while others are just young whipper snappers coming straight from their high school classes. No matter your unique situation, "first day of school" jitters can effect us all. That belly bubbling combination of excitement and the fear of the unknown.
    Despite being somewhat of a scatter brain, I am ironically boarder line OCD with my list making and schedule keeping. I spent the week before classes studying the class calendar and program catalog. Students were also mailed a nice welcome card from the school that also included a "What Should I do before class begins?" list. This is the kind of stuff this organized freak drools over. The basics include buying your school supplies, checking your closet to make sure you have options that follow the student dress code, and making a financial plan for your tuition and other expenses. It also means covering your home bases, in my situation I need to make sure I have plans for my children while I'm in class. This meant having a conversation with my husband and him making some changes in his schedule to make sure he is home with our children so I can get to class on time. It also means looking ahead to other scheduling commitments and making sure I have plan B & C for child care should something come up. Even if you don't have children you may want to make changes to your work or social calendar. There is so much information provided in such a short period of time that attendance is incredibly important. *Please see the attendance policy in the program catalog pg. 8
   The night before my first day I laid in bed thinking about what orientation would look like. Would we get right into the books? Would we play ice breaker games and just get to know each other? I know! We would probably sit in a giant circle and massage each other the whole time ;-) A girl can dream right? Finally the day had arrived. I watched the clock as I waited for my husband to get home from work and tag me out as he played Mr. Mom and I headed out the door. 
    I made my way to the basement where I was greeted by a member from another class. Everyone is SO nice here. He offered to carry my bag and walked me down to the classroom. Before we got started I did a quick room scan and there were 7 other students. This school is small and new but I LOVE the family feeling you get. We will all be taking this journey together and we will be using each other as practice dummies. We need to get comfortable with each other and quick. The class before us had generously left behind some snacks and as usual Christy's joyful energy filled the room.  We were going over the course catalog and I was still having fun! Orientation was a two night event. We did play some games that encouraged communication and bonding.  We completed a vision board and even got to do some hands on practice after learning about the amazing and awesome proporties of good touch. By the end of the night I was tired, it was past this mama's bed time, but I was even more excited about this journey and the new found 'family' that would be going along for the ride with me.


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