School's out for Summer!'re a grown up

    Tis the season. The weather has slowly but surely changed to beautifully sunny skies. No better feeling (other than a massage) when your skin is soaking up the sun and just when you feel you are getting to warm... splashing in to a cool pool of water. How many years did we LIVE for the last day of school so we could spend the next couple months playing the day away with friends. My kids had their last day of school last week.  I was caught up in the excitement with them until class time rolled around and I said, "ok boys, mommy is headed to school come give me kisses" "SCHOOL mommy it's summer!" I am LOVING massage school and once I get there it's a good time but it does make it harder to get out that door in summer.
    BUT we are grown ups and have responsibilities we made a commitment and there is SO much to do. By now we have reached the end of our Swedish unit! The Swedish exam, like all exams...sounds  a little scary. You are taken into a massage room with a demo body and you have to perform examples of each stroke on each body part! In some ways this is easy because you have had lots of practice working on your 30 friends and family hours. The hardest part of this is as soon as you have shown the stroke you move on. You aren't giving a full massage so you are thrown off your routine and it just feels wrong to give an incomplete massage! As always, Erica does a wonderful job making sure you feel comfortable and prepared for your exam.
    At the same time, your pathology unit is coming to an end! Those three presentations are due! I ended up writing a song, making a game and coming up with a water balloon demonstration for my conditions. I love this opportunity to have fun and be creative with the material we need to cover. Watching all these presentations over the conditions we have been learning about it a lot of fun. My suggestion is to start working on them right away instead of waiting until the week they are due. They are a lot of fun but a lot of time goes into them. That coupled with the timing of it meeting up with your Swedish exam and the temptation of beautiful's easy to get distracted and time get away from you! As you reach the unit your condition is in work on that project. You will simultaneously be studying for your test Ta-da!
    Last but not least....if you have been managing your time it is possible to be done with your pre-requisites to get into student clinic! That's right folks. I have turned in my 30 friends and family hours, 6 professionals given, 2 professionals received....even got those case studies out of the way so now I can start working on logging those clinic hours. There are 125 of them on top of your outreach hours....this is a lot of practice in time management people! It's so exciting to start working with 'real people' not to discredit your awesome friends and family but it's just different. This is the next step in being a real practicing massage therapist! What an crazy exciting journey so far and there is still so much more to come.


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