So you want to become a massage therapist

   The human body is an amazing thing! A magnificent tool I have always admired. Through high school Anatomy was my favorite class. I started volunteering with our schools athletic trainer and worked in a physical therapy office as an aide after graduation. Then came marriage and babies. I had a whole new appreciation for the human body as new life grew in my belly. I have stayed home with my children since their birth. Now that they are school aged, I’ve decided it’s about time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
   I had actually found the school when I received a massage from a friend who was a student at the Adrian School of Massage months earlier. What a wonderful opportunity for a tired mom to get a little pampering and relaxation!   I had a wonderful massage, my first in years, and left feeling like a brand new person. That night I melted into my bed and fell asleep quicker than I have since welcoming my little blessings into the world. I wanted more!
   I started to do a little digging on the school’s website. I was impressed with the amount of easily accessible information. My passion for the wonders of the human body was reignited!  I might actually do this....I think I want to be a massage therapist!  What a perfect combination: my obsession with anatomy, helping others, being able to control my work schedule allowing me to still be available for my kids and bring some extra income into the household. I scheduled a tour of the school with founder and director Christy Gagneur. At this point I was already excited, but Christy has the most infectious joyful spirit. By the time we sat down to go over questions, I was over the moon!
   While the school is slightly hidden, with a rear entrance and found in the lower level, the decor is appropriately peaceful and welcoming.  I felt a lot more confident in tackling the course work after seeing the small intimate setting of the classroom. There is a student lounge area that is as peaceful and comforting as the massage rooms available on site where students can complete their clinic hours. Off of the lounge area is a kitchenette where students can keep food and drink for convenience in managing their schedule. While talking with Christy after the tour, we sipped our hot tea as she kindly explained the options available for paying tuition. I was impressed with the generous options available on top of an already competitively priced tuition rate.
   Before I left the tour I had committed to enrolling and starting this new journey. Feeling comfortable and confident in the support available and the incredibly welcoming family atmosphere. Now I eagerly await the first day and meeting the classmates that will embark on this exciting journey with me. Follow along for a day in the life of a massage student


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