One Unit Down! Surviving Your First Big Unit Test

    That's right folks! A short 3 months later we have already covered 78 hours of Anatomy and Physiology! We have tested our way through all the systems of the body. It is a LOT of information. *Fun fact * the life span of a highlighter is one A&P unit at the Adrian School of Massage ;-) Now it is time to sit down to the dreaded unit test where you are expected to recall ALL of the information you have been cramming into your brain for the last 3 months. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN ;-)
     As I have already explained I have a serious case of test anxiety and I am really my own worst enemy when it comes to this kind of stuff. SO let me share with you some tips and tricks to survive this stressful time and pass with flying colors!
    First things first, DO THE WORK. As you work your way through the systems in the first place make sure you are truly learning them not just remembering enough to get through that first test. Read the chapters, don't just rely on your notes.  The notes are great and really bullet point the chapter nicely; but if you're having any trouble catching on to something the details, pictures and diagrams found in the chapters are really helpful.
    While you are in class you will spend some time with our good friend Hank from the Crash Course YouTube channel. These videos are full of helpful info. The links for the videos you watch in class are on your notes. If there is one that you find especially helpful, highlight that link so you can re-watch them before your system test. While prepping for the unit test I grabbed some popcorn and a slushy for a crash course marathon!  While you're on YouTube take a look around for other helpful videos. There is some good stuff out there.
    Next, do the homework. It's easy to scoot down the priority list since it's usually not collected but I assure you it's worth the extra couple minutes.  It is for YOUR benefit to get it done. Sometimes it's writing out definitions other times it might be coloring pages that help you remember different structures. It's not difficult or super time consuming, just another way to 'accidentally' study.
   Make flashcards! Not a flash card app, make them by hand.  Even if you don't get a chance to go through them very much, just writing them out helps you retain the information. I put the flash cards I made for each system in a small box so I could go through all of them to prep for the unit test.
    Keep track of your system tests! I studied directly from these for the unit test. Before studying from them I corrected the questions I got wrong so I was studying the correct answer. Great news! If you turn in those corrections you can earn half credit back for each corrected answer! Not only is it a study tool but you can up your grade before you even take the unit test. Talk about a win-win!
   If you can get it organized with you classmates, get a study group together. This can be easier said than done since many are working all day and going to class at night.  Even without an organized study group, as a class you are given plenty of review opportunity in the couple classes leading up to the unit test. Most of all remember, Christy wants you to succeed, if you have any questions or concerns talk to her about it. She is very kind and approachable. Now've got this!


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