One Word: Midterms

    Ask any student what word sends fear straight through their bones and they will tell you mid-terms....and that is only because they haven't made it to finals yet. Any time you are asked to regurgitate everything you have learned in one shot you are apt to turn into a puddle of nerves. Especially in a unit like skeletal/muscular anatomy. It's a LOT of information in such a short amount of time. I was worried in effort to cram the new information in I had to be loosing previously learned information out the other side of my brain. 
    We were told that the written portion of our test would include the bones, muscles, origin/insertion and other facts we have covered in the unit. We would also be partnered up for a manual portion where we would draw muscles out of a hat and locate them on our partner and demonstrate the action they perform. While the manual portion scared me the most I can appreciate that this is a huge part of what our daily lives as massage therapist will look like. So instead of crumbling under the fear, I chose to look at it as a great opportunity to  use all of the information we have learned thus far to make an educated guess on each muscles action. It is to much to just memorize. Its time to apply all that knowledge you have acquired and guess's in there! 
    I kid you not! I was just as surprised as you. This is going so fast and we are learning so much it doesn't seem possible to hold it all in. Even going into test day, I was pretty anxious. It wasn't until after the test I sat back, took a deep breath and thought "I'm totally doing this!". I looked back through the pages of my test and all the other tests I've taken through this journey and I am so proud of all that I have learned. It has taken incredible teachers and a lot of hard work but I feel very confident in all we are learning and what that will mean for my future as a massage therapist. 
    I obviously had an interest or I wouldn't have started massage school but it has quickly grown into a passion. There is so much more than just feeling good and pampering yourself in getting a massage. Not to discredit that, that is pretty awesome too ;-) I feel so blessed to have found this school and these people to guide my path. Put in the work and trust the process. There are times you will feel overwhelmed, but as they keep telling us "there is a method to our madness". And take a step back and be proud of yourself now, don't wait for later. 


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