Adrian School of Massage Welcomes Class 05!

    It has been eight months....EIGHT months since I started this journey at ASM enrolling with Class 04.  Much like my wedding day, the day I gave birth to our sons, and many other important days in my life; it feels like time has gone so fast and yet like it all began so long ago.  Class 04 students are officially the seniors now that the school has welcomed Class 05.  A new group of people glowing with excitement and promise to be awesome massage therapists. I look at them and see myself, excited and slightly terrified to start this new season of life.
    I have had the opportunity to spend some time with these new students serving as a TA (teaching assistant).  I found the TAs in our class very comforting. They knew what we were feeling and would give us their honest opinion on what we were in for along with other tips and tricks they learned along the way ;-) They were also just pretty cool people to get to know <3 I had hoped I would have an opportunity to help out at the school in this way.  Recent changes in my schedule made it possible for me to do just that! Life can be funny that way.
     If you have the opportunity I would highly recommend helping as a TA.  This offers you the opportunity to connect with another awesome group of people, you are able to use the hours toward your work credit (if you were eligible for work credit at the time of enrollment) and it's a nice review of material you have already learned as you are getting closer to the MBLEX. Plus Christy greatly appreciates the extra help so it's a win for everyone!
   While talking to the new class I have shared how excited I am their paths have led them to this school and what an exciting journey they are in for.  An added bonus to the wealth of knowledge you gain at this school, is the amazing group of people you get to know.  I have said it before and will mention again, you gain a whole 'massage family' at ASM . 
    In an effort to make sure ASM is providing the best and most current information to their students, Christy is continuing to make adjustments to the program.  Ensuring that students have met requirements according to the Entry Level Analysis Project initiated by the Coalition of National Massage Therapy Organizations.  As well as the appropriate tools to hit the ground running after graduating and receiving their state license. I am proud to be a student of this great school and excited to share the title with class 05 and the countless other students of the future.


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