Meet ASM's Resident Mom

     In the famous words of Christy, "It's in so much love" that we have given the title of ASM Resident Mom to Ms. Kendra Brion <3 She is not even close to being old enough to actually be my mom, so this isn't a sly crack at her age ;-)  This title has been earned by the way she nurtures and cares for all the students at Adrian School of Massage.
     Whether its being the first smiling face that greets you as you enter the school, or feeding your heart and soul with words of encouragement as you work in student clinic.  Kendra shows her mothering nature by sharing her knowledge and experience teaching in class.  But it's perhaps best seen as she lovingly smiles in silence as you eat her crackers saying "there is no name on these, guess they're mine now!" because she knows you aren't feeling well.
     Kendra is always around and usually available, as all good mothers are. She is so genuinely sweet and kind, it's no wonder Christy and Kendra get along so well. They are two peas in a pod.  A match made in massage school heaven.  They are perfect role models of spreading love and light to others in every interaction. 
      Kendra is so real and honest but never judgmental, she makes you feel very safe.  I can't tell you how many times Kendra has patiently listened as I sputtered my crazy ramblings.  Ranging in topic from feeling confused on a new modality or issues in my personal life, all the way to contemplating the toxicity of play dough or if the saying is "bull in a china shop" or "elephant in a china shop".  She occasionally make comments or tells jokes that results in her cracking herself up ;-) and you can't help but start laughing right along with her. If that doesn't perfectly sum up the motherly qualities that Kendra brings to the students that pass through these halls, then I don't know what would convince you.
       I share this class given nickname, primarily to share our love and appreciation for Kendra.  I also share this for future students who will have the pleasure of working with her and so they don't get confused should they over hear her being called mom by one of us.  Not to be confused with her actual daughter Dani who also works at the school <3 We love her too! Thanks for sharing your awesome mom with us all ;-)


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