Alum Interview with Valerie Ames

Valerie Ames Graduated from Adrian School of Massage Class 04 and is just starting her practice. Congratulations Valerie. We look forward to watching you succeed and achieve your goals.
Q: What is your education and work history? 
I graduated from Onsted High School and quickly found and enrolled at Adrian School of Massage. I worked at a waitress through school and I am now awaiting the last steps in my licensure to begin practicing massage professionally.
Q: What led you to Adrian School of Massage?
 I wanted to experience something new and work helping others.
 Q: What are your plans for you professional practice? I plan on working in a chiropractors office or along side other health care professionals. My ultimate goal is to one day own my own practice.
 Q: What is your favorite modality and is there a certain demographic you would really like to work with?
I REALLY enjoyed reflexology and I want to work with ALL the people!
 Q: What was your favorite part of the ASM program/staff?
 I loved everything and everybody. I loved how quickly I was comfortable and we all became a little family.
Q: What surprised you the most about your experience at the Adrian School of Massage?
How much I love feet! I didn't used to but especially after reflexology....I was amazed at how the feet correlates with the rest of the body! I just really love working on the feet!
  Q: Have you learned anything new about yourself through your experience at ASM? 
Other than how much I love feet now?! I feel like I am more extroverted and this experience has made me more comfortable communicating with others.
 Q: Do you have any advise for those considering a career in massage therapy?
You have a lot to learn but don't be afraid to put in the time and work to learn everything in a short period of time. Work hard and soak it all in!
 Q: What is your favorite self care tips/tricks?
GET MASSAGE! Don't just give but receive massage to keep your body happy and stretch everyday.
Q: What is your favorite quote and why?
Don't be upsetty when you can eat spaghetti! Probably just because I don't like being upset and I love spaghetti!
 Q: Do you have any shout outs or thank yous?
YES! To everyone for everything. Seriously, Christy and Kendra are amazing. Thank you to Kathy and our other instructors and guest speakers. Kris and Alex and the other Alum who worked with us. My classmates and Michigan Works for helping with tuition and expenses!


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