Why Massage? Industry Trends 2018

Adrian School of massage founder, director and instructor Christy Gagneur recently attended the Schools Summit hosted by the American Massage Therapy Association. This summit brings massage school owners, teachers, exhibitors and AMTA leadership together to share and learn more about the current state of the massage therapy profession. The AMTA also provides the schools with a Yearly Massage Profession Research Report. This report provides data on the state of the massage profession by way of Consumer survey, Therapist Survey and survey of Massage Schools supplemented by U.S. Government statistics and information found in industry/business publications. This report is currently only available to schools whom attended the summit but it is FULL of really exciting information! We thought we would share of few of the exciting highlights with you! Who is going into the field? Massage therapists are predominately female and this trend has followed through 2017 with 78% of therapist reported as female despite an increase in the number of male therapists joining the massage profession. The median age of massage students is 26-30 years old. Exciting information for current and future students of the Adrian School of Massage, the average number of hours massage students are receiving in their initial training is 665 hours. Adrian School of Massage goes above and beyond, offering their students an 824 hour program! This ensures our students are leaving with a well stocked tool kit to offer their clients and a leg up while seeking employment. Who is receiving massage? Approximately 47.1 Million people had a total of 179 million massages in 2017. This is an 8% increase from just the year before! More people are getting massage and of those people they are re-booking and understand massage isn't just a pampering treat but a reported 87% of consumers reporting massage as beneficial to health and wellness. The primary reason consumers obtained massage was for medical, health and wellness purposes/pain relief, soreness/stiffness and recovery from injury. Health Care and Massage: Industry growth As requirements are regulations are shifting in the massage industry we are seeing most states requiring a health care license for their massage therapists. This is the case for the state of MI. The integrations of massage in health care continues to grow and more scientific research is being conducted on the efficacy of massage. Last year 61% of physicians recommend massage to their patients when discussing massage. Health care positions are expected to have the fastest job growth between 2016 and 2026. Nearly 1 in 4 new jobs will be in health care support occupations! In short, now is the PERFECT time to join the massage profession. If you are interested in learning more about how to start a career where you can help others feel their best as a respected health care professional as well as having better control of your work schedule and potential income, please contact Adrian School of Massage online at adrianschoolofmassage.org or call 517-759-5040 to schedule a school tour!


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