50 Reasons Being a Massage Therapist is AWESOME!

Recently our school founder and director asked the staff and graduates, "why do you LOVE being a massage therapist" I myself was having a hard time putting my passion into words at the moment but I have continued to think about it.  Upon further reflection and inspiration for other's responses I thought it would be fun to make a list of 50 reasons being a massage therapist is AWESOME! Compiled of my own personal opinion, the input of ASM staff and graduates as well as information and stats from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the American Massage Therapy Association!

#1 We are helping people
#2 By providing massage we help others manage their anxiety/depression
#3 We have awesome co-workers....other massage therapists!
#4 We can usually set our own hours
#5 We are licensed health care professionals
#6 We are a part of one of the fastest growing occupations (predicted to grow by 26% 2016-2026 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics ) https://www.bls.gov/ooh/fastest-growing.htm
#7 We have the opportunity to educate clients/community
#8 We can teach others about and provide our clients with safe/good touch
#9 We can help relieve our clients chronic pain
#10 We can help repair/support our clients body image
#11 We can have shorter work weeks instead of working a 9-5
#12 We can make good money (est. average income for LMT in 2017 $39,990 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics)
#13 We also receive benefits of touch by providing bodywork
#14 We can help support our clients immune system
#15 We can be our own boss (sole proprietors make up 72% of  massage therapists according to the AMTA) https://www.amtamassage.org/infocenter/economic_industry-fact-sheet.html
#16 We have the option to work in exciting/exotic locations (on a cruise ship, on the beach, court side)
#17 We can work in a relaxing environment
#18 Our clients are always excited to see us because they know we will help them relax and soothe their aches and pains
#19 Our work keeps us physically active
#20 We can provide injury preventative care for athletes
#21 We can help bring post op pain relief to our clients
#22 We are able to quickly and confidently find employment with the great experience gained in student clinic while at school.
#23 Every massage is different, every day is different. Not boring
#24 This work changes the way we love
#25 This work changes the way we  listen
#26 This work changes the way we communicate
#27 This career allows more time for family
#28 We can provide community outreach/involvement
#29 We get the opportunity to meet awesome people you wouldn't have the chance to otherwise
#30 We are always learning about the body and modalities we can provide. We are lifelong learners
#31 We can work with children
#32 We can work with the elderly
#33 We can work with pregnant woman/new moms
#34 We can provide end of life care
#35 We can bring head ache relief to our clients
#36 We can aide our clients digestive issues
#37 We can provide better sleep for our clients
#38 We can provide massage that helps to regulate hormones
#39 We can work with athletes
#40 We can safely work with the medically frail
#41 Not just our clients, but their families benefit from regular massage and its many benefits
#42 We have the time/opportunity to work a second job if we want to supplement our income
#43 We work with other health care professionals
#44 We can wear what we want! Scrubs, yoga pants, athletic wear
#45 RESEARCH we can contribute to it and learn from it
#46 We can donate our skills to those who may not receive it other wise
#47 We can take care of ourselves and trade with other therapists to get regular massage for ourselves
#48  We can help our clients who suffer from chronic neck and back pain
#49 We can help soothe arthritis pain
#50 We can change the world!


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