When Life Doesn't Care You're a Student

    Ok, we have already learned that in my personal journey I am a mom about to turn 30 and like 82% of massage therapists this will be my "second career". So like many of my classmates I work all day, keep up my wife and mom duties and just added student to my to-do list. I knew it would be hectic at times but I thankful have a wonderful support system and always try to plan ahead.
   Well two months into school it happened....my son had some medical issues pop up and he needed him mommy. He didn't know or care that I had a test that week. Honestly I didn't either at that point. I had to miss my first class. I stayed in contact with the instructor and she not only was very understanding she asked if there was anything they could do to help, offering to bring meals to our home knowing my full attention was now on my son. This is the family feeling I'm talking about people. I can't think of one instructor during my time at university that would have made such an offer <3
    By staying in communication with my instructor I was able to make arrangements to take my test and get the materials that would be covered while I was gone. Now there is NO replacing the awesome instruction Christy provides. I love all the fun facts, side bars and goofiness that helps me to remember the information even better. None the less I am still a mom first so I was left to learn the material on my own in between hugs, cuddles and doses of medicine.  I also reached out to some classmates which is made easy by the class facebook group with all your classmates and instructors.
    While I really wouldn't suggest missing class (I don't plan to again unless I absolutely have to) there are some things you can do to stay on top of your game.

#1 Talk to your instructor: make arrangements to get materials covered, test date, and/or make up hours
#2 Reach out to classmates: yet another perk to small classes is you all know each other and like a family, we are all willing to help each other out
#3 Youtube is your friend: it's not near as good as Christy's instruction ;-) but there are a lot of videos from others giving instruction or my favorite, songs and animation to help with memorization of material
#4 Follow through: life happens, you had to miss and you've followed all the previous steps so you know what is expected, now put in the work! You will have to set aside the time to learn this material. This is a 1 year program and there is SO much crammed in there you can't risk falling behind.


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